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Environmental Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Oversee daily activities of team members to maintain environmental management system (EMS).

Ensure that industrial operations are in compliance with local, state and federal environmental regulations.

Educate industrial workers on environmental programs and policies.

Respond to inquiries and concerns related to EMS.

Perform regular environmental audits to monitor emissions, contaminations and damages.

Generate environmental reports and maintain permits as per state regulations.

Work with team to develop effective environmental strategies to reduce contaminations.

Review and recommend improvements to existing environmental strategies.

Investigate environmental incidents and develop action plans.

Oversee pollution control programs and develop waste treatment and recycling procedures.

Follow and enforce environmental policies and procedures.

Perform environmental research and prepare research reports to management.

Develop budget and timelines for environmental operations and develop cost reduction initiatives while still maintaining quality.

Provide job trainings and assistance to team members when needed.

Stay updated with environmental trends and legislations.

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