Director of Special Events Responsibilities and Duties

Develop and update annually special event’s strategic program plan on basis of company’s budgeted funding requirements.

Prepare outline master plan with all objectives as well as timeframe for every event.

Incorporate main organizational deadlines.

Prepare annual revenue as well as expense budget for every single activity of event.

Ensure to stimulate activities to increase net revenue over preceding year.

Develop weekly, monthly as well as yearly program performance reports.

Execute timely adjustments in programs as required to attain stated goals.

Upgrade on every aspect of event creation along with management.

Ensure to rework events as required to remain fresh plus attractive.

Develop new events being better designed to accomplish company objectives.

Plan plus promote aggressively all corporate as well as individual sponsorship opportunities related with each event.

Incorporate solicitation strategy as well as stewardship activities as required.

Provide personalized reports and updates to imperative event sponsors participating in events.

Prepare and supervise entire income-generating activities associated with events.

Conduct auctions and provide vendors, opportunity tickets, prize, table sales and incentive programs etc.

Ensure to seek product donations with purpose to maximize net revenue from events.

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