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Event Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with corporate team and local vendors and plan and implement all events efficiently and coordinate with customers to assist in sales of designated products.

Assist consumers and provide knowledge on all products and maintain all tour vehicles and required event materials.

Ensure compliance to all tour calendars within required timeframe and coordinate with creative strategist to design all client solutions and perform various activities within required timeframe.

Administer all production process and monitor all projects from conceptualization to implementation and manage all production budgets for various events.

Assist to select appropriate vendor for all events and assist to hire and administer all on site staff and production crew and prepare all client presentations prior to all events.

Perform research to select appropriate venue for events and identify appropriate target audience for all processes.

Prepare plans for all aspects of events and assist in implementation for same and ensure compliance to all local and state safety regulations and prepare appropriate budget for all events.

Coordinate with clients and negotiate in all prices for events and assist to make appropriate hiring for all staff and maintain record of all expenses.

Collaborate with project team to implement all activities for events within required timeframe and budgets and perform research on all event location and entertainment facilities.

Design various event proposals for all client briefings and coordinate with board members to administer all events and determine all format for same.

Prepare all budgets and sponsorship activities for all events and assist to obtain all required approvals for same and prepare all project plans.

Assist to set up venue and assist to finalize all logistics for events and establish an efficient sponsorship for all events and participate in all training programs for staff.

Administer and determine and efficient marketing procedure for all events and assist to select all participants and coordinate with all internal and external officials for efficient implementation of all events.

Maintain and manage registration booths for all events and identify all volunteers for various events and inform press of same.

Prepare and distribute all event maps and coordinate with vendors to prepare contracts according to legal procedures and administer all activities.

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