Assistant Relationship Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Supervise development of credit applications and monitor portfolio of individual unit.

Coordinate with finance global network and other departments and ensure effective performance.

Supervise allotted account portfolios and ensure excellent customer service and assist in minimizing of financial risk.

Prepare management reports for various industry studies and identify appropriate market opportunities.

Analyze all business objectives and ensure achievement of all product mix for all relationships with customers.

Analyze clients requirements and manage all client communication and counseling for customers and prepare required documentation.

Participate in sales planning initiatives and design appropriate relationship plans to generate new business through out-marketing calls, promotions and presentations.

Administer all work and ensure compliance to all guidelines, sales process and standards to ensure effective inspections.

Provide excellent customer service and assist to open new accounts for clients and maintain necessary documents for all operations and maintain effective relationships with clients.

Assist bankers to arrange credit facility, participate in client meeting and prepare marketing materials for new clients and prospective clients.

Supervise and administer work of ARM’s management in loan underwriting, loan packages, portfolio monitoring, and business development.

Assist relationship manager and portfolio manager in portfolio management, credit renewal packages.

Analyze financial statements of new customer and evaluate all loan documents.

Maintain knowledge on all bank products, credit standards, services and trends and provide efficient customer services.

Participate in various business development calls with senior officials and develop efficient credit proposals and structure for same.

Coordinate with senior officers in business plan development, prepare credit packages and perform credit analysis and provide update for call lists.

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