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Financial Control Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Monitor all financial activities and develop accounting package and ensure effective practices.

Administer special funds and ensure compliance to trust fund agreements and policies and safeguard all assets.

Maintain and ensure timely release of all pension and different loans and monitor compliance to Enterprise Resource Planning.

Develop and provide enhancement to all awareness programs for accounting policies and modify all financial statements.

Coordinate with employees; supervise work according to accounting policies.

Manage all staff members and monitor performance for same and perform regular internal checkups to determine effective quality.

Monitor all financial information and data protection systems and prepare appropriate reports for same.

Perform regular evaluation of current systems, analyze and provide updates and ensure adherence to OIST.

Supervise effective working of staff members; provide assistance and feedback on all performance.

Administer all learning process and recommend improvements to reporting agency.

Monitor local reporting system and provide regular updates.

Assist other departments and calculate regulatory ratios.

Maintain and perform effective negotiation on various local issues.

Supervise all projects and prepare local reports for same.

Develop relations and negotiate with software dealers.

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