Corporate Finance Associate Responsibilities and Duties

Conduct comprehensive financial evaluation utilizing Excel as well as Argus models for transactions related to real estate.

Respond to all corporate finance acquisition as well as sale along with finance, sale or leaseback and consolidate on GAAP plus aftertax basis

Evaluate and interpret entire property level information inclusive of historical operating statements, leases, budgets and loan agreements etc.

Review and evaluate operations as well as facilities for customer portfolios.

Participate in meetings with buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords to discuss financial as well as occupancy structures plus strategies.

Structure complex transactions of real estate to maximize imperative benefits inclusive of tax mitigation, cash flow optimization, GAAP/financial statement improvements.

Collect related market, demographic and economic data having impact on pertinent property or industry.

Involve in client meetings, recommend solutions to brokers and customers and participate in all strategy sessions.

Promote, develop and grow Corporate Finance service line nationally and regionally.

Evaluate companies from financial, industry and operational perspective.

Develop complex financial models using Microsoft Excel.

Ensure to research industries, particular companies as well as market data.

Ensure to interview all top management as well as owners of customer businesses.

Write offering reports, memorandums, client letters and engagement letters.

Develop customer proposals to attain new engagements.

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