Financial Sales Consultant Responsibilities and Duties

Assist to open, document and process new accounts, administer all communication with existing and potential clients through calls, mails and letter writings.

Analyze and recommend strategies to improve sales opportunities and monitor all customer loans.

Gather all information to develop strategy and provide support from all clients to meet financial targets.

Develop qualified referrals for company and emphasize on asset custody and trust related services.

Prepare referrals for various business lines of company.

Maintain knowledge on different marketing campaigns and marketing activities for organization.

Monitor and respond to all clients questions on financial products and strategies.

Maintain client relationships and update current plans and secure new clients.

Coordinate with clients regularly and perform check on financial status.

Manage all communication for all clients to determine required services from professionals.

Assist all clients and obtain information regarding income tax returns, insurance records, wills and pension plans.

Monitor and implement all recommendations on financial plans and assist to refer clients to others who can help.

Collaborate with clients to understand current financial status, objectives and risks and develop sound strategy.

Develop and maintain professional relationship with EFS, EA and distribution leaders to meet all sales objectives for company.

Prepare forecasts for all EFS appointments and develop contingency plans to meet EFS appointment policy for territory.

Perform EFX installation and develop activities to enhance quality development.

Evaluate EFS skill levels and identify scopes for education and development of current and new EFSs.

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