Portfolio Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Analyze all new requests for IT infrastructure resources for all projects.

Prepare schedule and document all IT sessions and monitor impact of same on all IT resources.

Ensure optimal usage of all resources and provide all support data.

Provide status reports for all IT projects and plan all resource requirements for projects.

Prepare required reports and provide support to all projects and maintain track of all processes and produce all metrics for portfolio.

Manage and facilitate efficient working of all continuous improvement processes.

Prepare reports for same and prepare all IT budget and prioritize all projects according to critical requirements.

Prepare meeting minutes and coordinate with business departments and information technology group.

Provide support to all IT services and analyze performance for same on regular basis.

Collaborate with sales force for all gathering assets and assist all cross functional team to collaborate with portfolio management team.

Manage all communication with portfolio management team and project stakeholders.

Maintain all data according to government policies and processes to maintain accuracy of data and provide required feedback.

Maintain uniformity in its working and track all IT preliminary proposal within required timeframe and evaluate all business cases and maintain quality of all business case.

Plan various projects and maintain appropriate program plans and monitor and assist to resolve all risk issues in same.

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