Portfolio Assistant Responsibilities and Duties

Perform review and maintain portfolios within required timeframe.

Provide enhancement to all portfolio management process and gather all industry information.

Manage various ad hoc projects and provide support to all Portfolio Management and sale and marketing teams.

Resolve all issues for same and provide assistance to all prospective clients.

Manage portfolios and perform all clerical duties for al portfolio activities such as answering phone calls and schedule required conference calls.

Prepare all presentation materials to be presented in all client meetings and provide back up to all trade settlements.

Monitor opening and termination of all accounts and ensure accuracy in all client billing process.

Monitor all accounts for tracking cash and settlements for all funds.

Manage all client securities and monitor collateral for loans and evaluate all reports and maintain accuracy for same and coordinate with operations team to prepare all client reports.

Provide update on same and collaborate with Portfolio Manager to distribute all trusts and estates and assist reconcile all custodial cash and securities.

Perform research to resolve all trade discrepancies.

Resolve all inquiries within required timeframe and manage transfers and all account closings.

Monitor all client requests and analyze all client requirement and provide all required tax information.

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