Regulatory Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Support search, development and submission of state and federal regulatory filings.

Respond to regulatory information requests to ensure consistency, accuracy and timeliness.

Provide assistance in coordination, research and preparation of in-depth regulatory evaluation for current assets and businesses.

Search strategies to promote and implement sustainable systems to respond to tobacco dependence in healthcare environment.

Identify and suggest policy interventions on latest issues in tobacco control, banning free samples, licensing and price discounts.

Perform research and development position papers, support letters, memoranda and varied documents to assist regulatory approaches and new legislative.

Ensure to reduce burden of tobacco usage across U.S.

Conduct routine analysis of trading activity primary responsible area for indications of prospective violated activities.

Perform regular reviews and investigations in likely violations of securities rules, laws and regulations stimulated by FINRA.

Compile and arrange information from different sources to develop investigations of prospective violated activity.

Perform with varied offices within Corporation to prepare and submit federal as well as state permits.

Conduct strategic planning, cost control and tactical execution measures to attain regional goals.

Ensure to develop projects complying with all state, local and federal regulatory programs.

Arrange and manage reporting tools to appraise stakeholders and management regularly of project milestones, status and potential challenges.

Assist to prepare intervention protest and comments for filing at FERC and state commissions.

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