Director of Revenue Management Responsibilities and Duties

Ensure to maximize net room revenue contribution by detailed understanding of entire booking channels plus inventory management and rate therein.

Perform steady evaluation of changing channel distribution models along with impact on consumer booking trends.

Ensure to operationalize hotel as well as corporate pricing strategies by defining and managing all rate levels.

Manage stay restrictions along with varied tactics congruent with demand factors and distribution channels.

Maintain rates to promote integrity and protect long term order having customer value.

Head responsibility to configure, forecast validation as well as interact daily with system and decisions developed.

Perform with RM Team to identify effectual as well as engaging rate offers being offered right customer in right channel.

Ensure hotels representation along with brochure information is correct.

Engage and support all hotels selling strategy in entire distribution systems.

Supervise transient, group as well as tour booking pace to identify pricing.

Identify availability controls for entire reservation distribution sources.

Interact to discuss changes and execute changes in distribution plan suitably.

Ensure to complete entire rooms as well as revenue forecast to suitably project unconstrained demand.

Head responsibility to establish and update all available RM Tools.

Evaluate available data, formulate all selling strategies, interact with RM team and track success.

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