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Dining Room Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Monitor all restaurant operations according to scheduled shift and ensure compliance to all standard for products and services and implement an efficient restaurant business plans to increase revenue for establishment.

Administer everyday operations of restaurant and ensure compliance to all PRIDE system and monitor all guest services in restaurant and assist to resolve all customer issues and maintain optimal customer satisfaction.

Monitor inventory for all dining room products and maintain cash for same and ensure optimization of all profits by controlling various costs and manage all communication for product promotion implementation.

Determine and prepare various dining room operation guidelines and maintain customer satisfaction and recommend improvements to various techniques and monitor inventory on regular basis.

Design and efficient continuous improvement training program to achieve all objectives and maintain control on all cash and credit card receipts according to all procedures and maintain customer satisfaction at all times.

Prepare all paperwork and reports for schedule within required timeframe and maintain optimal level of equipment and implement an efficient preventative maintenance program in accordance to all federal, state and municipal regulations.

Design and implement an efficient promotional campaign for restaurant and maintain and provide update to all customer mailing lists and identify, select and provide training to all staff as per requirement.

Coordinate with customer and maintain contacts with all customers and identify all requirements for same and design all operational guidelines and monitor all work according to required personnel policies and procedures and determine an efficient reservation system.

Assist to recruit and select appropriate employees for restaurant and provide required training and assist staff to maintain knowledge on all menu and associate preparation techniques to assist all customers and schedule all dining reservations.

Greet all patrons pleasantly and assist customers to dining area and introduce all menus and maintain neat and clean dining area at all times and maintain efficient knowledge of first aid and required alcohol practices.

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