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Associate Publisher Responsibilities and Duties

Administer all publishing objectives for various revenue channels and design an effective revenue strategy for all product merchandise.

Develop all objectives for online and print publishing and assist to optimize all content and place product in market appropriately.

Ensure achievement of all revenue targets of all organization and prepare all publishing as per client requirement.

Coordinate with all internal teams and design all goals for all businesses and perform research on market to develop all content for online print.

Administer product line for all businesses and provide research on all publishing materials and design new concepts for all products and validate market and approve all new products.

Develop all products in coordination with various departments.

Ensure successful launch of projects and facilitate revenue and maintain knowledge on all market requirements and analyze all requirements of librarians and provide appropriate product solutions.

Analyze all user requirements and design products to suit requirements of all end users and instructors.

Provide support to all product managers in everyday work and ensure compliance to all development strategies drafted by content and sales and marketing teams.

Documents all project requirements and status reports and submit same to internal stakeholders and management and provide support to sales and marketing team.

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