Content Editor Responsibilities and Duties

Engage in writing projects.

Involve in digital communications and social media efforts like blogs.

Update and sharpen team reference materials and style guides.

Assess legal issue content, establish legal review and resolve issues with account.

Update trends, innovations and rulings in editing, writing and industry subjects.

Engage in team projects and initiatives.

Encourage excellent relationships between editing staff and agency.

Offer on-call service after hours.

Follow clients and QAS standards throughout materials.

Conduct developmental edits and offer input to enhance quality, organization, clarity and content effectiveness.

Communicate Cisco quality guidelines to course developers and program managers.

Proofread and correct own work and team members’ work.

Determine hot topics in pop culture news by perusing news feeds hourly.

Develop article titles on traffic patterns and delegate titles to contractors or UGC content creators.

Own packaging and presentation of content on Move websites.

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