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Design Director Responsibilities and Duties

Establish creative strategy, budgets & schedules for key design projects.

Mentor and supervise creative team while challenging and introducing new and innovative methods of creative execution.

Motivate and influence creative team to constantly strive for excellence in performance.

Develop and design concepts and execute creative material as required.

Convey and develop overall interactive team design vision by defining group direction and goals.

Assign creative leads and develop accounts and project team.

Direct, manage and lead dedicated designers group across multiple disciplines and categories.

Select particular business segment and provide tactical and strategic direction.

Direct and motivate group of designers.

Head and direct team providing key concepts, strategies and brand positioning.

Convey design concepts to various internal and external audiences.

Manage design processes to ensure timely delivery of designs.

Contribute strategically to brand design business component.

Provide influencing ideas to enhance department productivity.

Lead and direct work intake and overall design project assignment process.

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