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Human Resources Officer Responsibilities and Duties

Provide strategies to provide enhancement to all program design and implement an efficient promotion cycle and manage all talent programs and evaluate all annual performance for human resource teams.

Monitor and perform review for all performance and manage all promotion process and ensure efficiency of all businesses and coordinate with all stakeholders to identify appropriate talent and implement all program designs.

Provide training to HR staff for various field offices and participate in various training sessions and design an efficient and comprehensive human resource management programs and maintain records for same.

Assist management with all human resources and manage all internal and external resources and supervise efficient working of all management levels in compliance to all rules and regulations and recommend revision to policies and procedures if required.

Monitor all human resource objectives and assist to re structure workforce and develop and implement all human resource processes and ensure efficiency of same.

Develop and execute comprehensive management programs according to organization requirements and administer everyday operations of all organization and establish all program objectives according to operating guidelines.

Manage all internal activities for organization and associate agencies and manage efficient working of all management personnel and prepare all recruitment and outreach strategies and assist to settle all discussions.

Collaborate with labor and employee relations offices and monitor all formal and informal grievances procedures and evaluate all laws for same.

Prepare and draft responses for all complaints and track all complaints and participate in all mediation meetings.

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