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Commissioning Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Manage smooth commissioning of the project by Coordinating between the company and the Contractor.

Supervise and approve commissioning plans in accordance with project guidelines.

Review designs and supervise onsite commissioning activities.

Prepare and maintain commission records of site observations, testing processes and checklists .

Outline procedures, norms and details for writing the Systems Manual.

Monitor installation, submittals and usage of engineering tools adhering to project and commissioning guidelines.

Guide testing processes and motivate specialists to achieve standard results.

Assist with identification and redressal of commissioning and malfunction issues.

Track and review progress through meetings.

Evaluate contractual commissioning statistics and instruction guidelines in accordance with the needs of the project.

Compile commission report data for summarizing.

Assist in summarizing and updating commission records.

Schedule and supervise operational reviews in association with functional staff.

Create an empowering and inspiring work culture with the commissioning team.

Attain customer satisfaction through adhering to owner guidelines with the entire project team.

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