VP Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Supervise efficient working of company and ensure compliance to company policies and regulations.

Facilitate interview to hire appropriate employee and provide training to achieve all organizational goals.

Perform and develop mechanism for appraisal of employees and evaluate work.

Monitor all complaints and problems and ensure timely resolution for all.

Develop strategies to design new products and incorporate effective technology to ensure dominant position in market.

Administer market position of company and coordinate with customers and sales and marketing team to design effective strategies to improve same.

Establish methods to improve technology resources for company and ensure effective product utilization.

Ensure appropriate implementation of all methodologies and development process.

Coordinate with R&D department and prepare plans for effective integration of various technical skills.

Design strategic plans to provide effective product development.

Facilitate in optimal utilization of carious engineering resources and ensure compliance to customer development.

Analyze and document product specification for various marketing trends.

Coordinate with directors and senior members and ensure appropriate utilization of resources.

Assist human resource department in recruitment of staff and ensure appropriate functioning of production process.

Prepare efficient evaluation system for production process to maximize productivity.

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