Business Applications Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Monitor everyday operations of application development team and provide regular feedback.

Assist internal departments and provide regular feedback to operation team.

Develop professional relations with customer and establish effective solutions to meet business requirements.

Analyze business requirements and develop enhancements to achieve same.

Prepare designs and maintain cost for various business application developments.

Work with business and IT teams and manage all project requirements.

Hire and monitor efficient work for System Analysts and programmers.

Analyze current system processes and design functional requirements.

Develop work schedules and ensure all application work within work schedule.

Manage efficient work of various teams and participate in associate activities.

Determine and analyze various processes and implement changes for improvement.

Collaborate with architectural and quality assurance team and achieve all quality deliverables.

Perform research and develop new systems and applications for new and present systems.

Administer departmental programs for organization.

Prepare documents and evaluate it for accuracy.

Manage and provide support to critical business application systems.

Plan budgets and manage all operations within control expenses.

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