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Computer Systems Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Analyze and evaluate present computer business systems, procedures and processes.

Define, develop and record system’s business requirements, objectives, deliverables, and specifications on respective project working with internal users and departments.

Consult with clients to identify, forecast and attain current and future business needs.

Direct performing software development tasks on technical basis and analyze work products for correctness and adherence to design standards.

Conduct program design, coding, debugging and documentation.

Identify best practices and provide technical support for activities all through Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC) phases.

Establish and support development environments independent of server installation, configuration, maintenance and trouble-shooting.

Perform configuration management, software integration and interpretation of software test results.

Recommend resolution for unsatisfactory test results.

Provide technical briefing and reports to senior management.

Participate in meetings and walkthroughs to analyze problems.

Research and suggest solutions for systems complex problems giving user support.

Recommend practical solutions for complex problems throughout all phases of SDLC.

Develop and update technical design, architecture documents, deployment and operations guide.

Assist less experienced personnel technically in resolution of systems-related problems.

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