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Computer Systems Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Develop and modify current PC and Web based Business Systems.

Report executive management on Information Systems and performance status of the agency.

Manage and direct professional staff engaged in performance metrics creation.

Plan, arrange and control activities of computer systems analysis section.

Plan, organize and oversee activities of professional and technical staff engaged in setting new or revised information systems.

Design, implement and maintain systems monitoring Division and Department performance.

Oversee initiatives and measure staff productivity.

Supervise programmers and consultants work using Microsoft SQL to develop, maintain, customize and improve business intelligence application.

Analyze use of in house resources and determine if consultant’s proposals for new application development is needed.

Establish standards for data requirements for computer application systems.

Recommend on data base processing implication of new systems.

Plan, manage and control installation and maintenance of applications systems.

Recommend hardware and software acquisitions.

Suggest options on software availability for development of new application systems.

Assist operating and systems software required by an information technology operation.

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