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Computer Systems Support Responsibilities and Duties

Install, update, support and administer servers, microcomputers, Local Area Networks (LANs/WLANs) and software applications.

Plan and coordinate computer information and computer operation functions.

Provide technical assistance for hardware and software operations.

Analyze, support and coordinate requests for computer system service.

Assist District users in resolving system and program concerns and issues.

Provide technical information and assistance for computer application operations. .

Install, maintain and provide user support for software applications.

Install and maintain data communication hardware and software and support users.

Tutor personnel in computer systems operations and usage.

Interact with computer hardware and software suppliers to acquire product and pricing information for computers, applications and peripheral equipment.

Obtain product assistance through contacting hardware and software manufacturers.

Perform data entry and information processing operations.

Utilize variety of microcomputers, electronic meters and hand tools.

Convey requisition for required computer systems inventory.

Maintain an adequate inventory of computer supplies and parts.

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