Data Warehouse Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Assist development team and provide efficient technical recommendations to achieve all targets.

Supervise efficient working of all data projects.

Administer all Service Level Agreements and provide efficient solutions.

Prepare data models and supervise all associated activities.

Analyze business opportunities and provide required recommendations.

Manage all maintenance and development processes and ensure compliance to SOX guidelines.

Monitor reliability and availability of all data and ensure work according to benchmark standards.

Maintain various big enterprises and prioritize all projects for same.

Analyze and recommend changes to increase productivity level of data warehouse in working environment.

Monitor all long term objectives and initiate necessary decisions for same.

Train data warehouse staff and ensure appropriate maintenance and development of all data.

Evaluate staff performance and determine requirement to increase growth.

Administer database consolidation and identify efficient initiatives for same.

Coordinate with analysts and specialists and manage efficient working of work.

Manage various projects and facilitate reuse of same architecture.

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