Information Security Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Support manager to provide safekeeping and company’s information asset integrity.

Maintain systems plus controls to protect unauthorized access, disclosure, modification and deletion of information through resources and computer networks.

Interact directly with business technical specialist to guide on authentication, authorization and encryption solutions.

Interact with business units in relation to varying business and technical plans.

Ensure information security issues are responded during initial stage of project life cycle.

Investigate known and suspected information security events and develop related reports.

Recommend changes in legal, technical and regulatory areas to manager affecting IT and computer offense.

Perform as security technical advisor or analyst for company initiatives to analyze new technologies for program conformance.

Test solutions effectively utilizing industry standard analysis criteria involving delivery of technical reports and formal papers on test findings.

Revise IT-related purchase specifications for software, hardware or services.

Ensure to procure sufficient security requirements adhering to system sensitivity.

Conduct hardware and software security alerts as available.

Resolve issues through responding IT threats and vulnerabilities.

Supervise changes in software, hardware, facilities, telecommunications and user needs to ensure security is not degraded.

Conduct routine security risk analysis, evaluate business needs against collision, vulnerabilities and search resulting risks.

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