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Integration Architect Responsibilities and Duties

Design and implement various strategies for all Service Oriented Architecture.

Ensure improvement of all architectural processes within time frame and provide training to all development teams to maintain project deliverables and reduce costs.

Manage all communication with IT and business managers.

Maintain an efficient technical environment for all client services and document all architectural plans and provide support to all business and assemble all system components.

Assist in finalization of all systems and provide support to various stakeholders.

Analyze all requirements and maintain all architecture business systems and documents.

Administer installation and provide support to all documents.

Design various integration programs and prepare required documents for same and execute various integration platforms.

Maintain oversight for all third party processes.

Maintain and documents all service contracts and promote optimal level of communications.

Monitor all metadata content for development community and ensure appropriate allocation of all resources.

Analyze metrics and measure effectiveness of programs and return of investment goals.

Assist customer in all integration processes and design various architecture programs for all application layer.

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