IT Supervisor Responsibilities and Duties

Implement all strategies for all IT operations and supervise efficient working of all IT staff and prepare orientation programs for all new employees and ensure compliance to all deadlines and provide upgrade to all systems as per requirement.

Analyze all IT infrastructures and prepare reports to be submitted to senior management and perform research on all technological solutions and provide support to all procurement procedures and maintain knowledge on all latest technologies.

Design and execute all IT policies and procedures to design all IT infrastructures and maintain compliance to all standards and policies and administer efficient working of all IT equipments and hardware and manage all communication with operation management team.

Coordinate with various departments to design all management reports for all IT projects and administer everyday activities for all IT systems and manage all technical projects and ensure compliance to all deadlines.

Oversee efficient working of all IT personnel and maintain knowledge on all job functions and administer all business requirements and ensure achievement of all business objectives and evaluate all IT systems.

Determine and implement various IT procedures and assist to integrate various processes to new and existing systems and prepare all user specifications and perform tests on all applications according to technical specifications.

Provide support to all software engineering processes and assist to code all programs and design short and long term objectives for all applications and coordinate with departments to analyze all requirements and provide efficient support to all end users.

Administer project list and prioritize all work and determine an effective departmental budgets and maintain and recommend improvements to all manufacturing systems and ensure profitability of all processes.

Collaborate with department personnel and design innovative solutions for all IT issues and maintain all hardware and software for processes according to security requirements and maintain logs of all issues and assist to resolve all efficiently.

Organize and conduct all staff meetings for project reviews and supervise all IT operation systems and services and analyze all customer requirements and develop solutions for same.

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