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Vice President Applications Development Responsibilities and Duties

Develop plan for return on investment and prepare strategies to reduce operational risks and cost.

Prepare and implement various resource and budgetary plans within jurisdiction.

Determine and execute various management programs and services and ensure support to organization.

Determine Service Level Agreements with business customers and manage staff and budgets requirements for budget.

Ensure compliance to all security policies and procedures for company and ensure efficient work of staff.

Coordinate with vendors and prepare appropriate communication for all application suite.

Assist various departments in appropriate delivery of applications and perform valid tests on same.

Maintain knowledge on new technologies and incorporate it into implementation of new software.

Develop strategic plans for various application technology and assist in appropriate assessment of same.

Prepare initiatives for information systems and application systems through efficient coordination with internal customers.

Administer multiple applications and processes for project.

Coordinate with division President and develop ways to enhance growth through acquisition of all projects.

Evaluate product suite and associate tools and identify use of various technologies.

Assist staff to achieve all targets on a monthly and annual basis and prepare necessary directions.

Coordinate with internal and external customers and develop and upgrade software as per requirement.

Coordinate with directors and managers and monitor efficient working of various projects.

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