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VP Of Information Technology Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with business partners and develop strategies to implement various It solutions effectively.

Develop customized IT project portfolios and ensure compliance to all business objectives.

Administer effective delivery of all projects with appropriate budget and timeframe.

Develop an annual IT plan according to business requirements.

Evaluate current system and technology and recommend modification to present modules to ensure effectiveness.

Maintain knowledge on emerging trends and initiate appropriate decisions for various technology.

Coordinate with IT professionals and develop coaching programs to ensure an effective working environment.

Prepare business goals for both individuals and teams and ensure optimization of business.

Administer and develop growth strategies for company through various information technology plans.

Design and execute various business plans and policies and ensure optimization of human resources.

Analyze requirement for company and develop projects in coordination with software and equipment personnel.

Monitor all up gradation process for company on software and hardware and ensure effective working of all associate activities.

Monitor all functions of IT department and ensure compliance to work standards.

Establish time schedule for company objectives and goals and ensure compliance to same.

Administer work of all employees and ensure work according to schedule.

Monitor everyday work of organization and provide technical support to all activities.

Provide technical support to all services of organization.

Administer maintenance, licensing and purchase of all information technology software systems.

Analyze all business objectives and recommend solutions to all IT investments.

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