Policy Advisor Responsibilities and Duties

Provide support to all company policies and provide support to all operations and develop all content for policies and maintain optimal quality of all services.

Perform regular analysis on all complex issues and resolve same within required timeframe and manage efficient work of all agencies and colleagues according to company regulations.

Analyze and design solutions for all practical issues and maintain optimal level of benefit and recommend appropriate changes to company policies and department agencies.

Manage communication for all times and provide efficient solutions for all policy requirements and collaborate with regulatory operation to provide training for usage of various tools.

Design and prepare drafts for all responses and provide assistance to all third party reports and provide internal and external reports as per requirements and develop all presentations and prepare content for same.

Participate in all policy meetings and provide support to chief executive and strategy directors and prepare presentations for all external events.

Design all metrics for all annual business plan and evaluate and prepare reports packages for all processes.

Prepare reports for all processes in quarterly basis and prepare draft for all board members.

Achieve all business objectives and perform risk assessment on all policy documents.

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