Kitchen and Bath Designer Responsibilities and Duties

Interact with customers to identify project requirements by developing information related to design, material, specifications and estimated price.

Design and prepare plan layout as asked by customer using sketches and blueprints.

Involve actively in purchase, freight, supply, production, quality check and delivery to end user along with accurate customer invoicing.

Initiate and monitor specialty orders.

Coordinate purchase of required materials and sales add-on.

Implement merchandising and marketing programs working with marketing department.

Supervise available market resources for leads along with building trends to tap utmost market share.

Provide excellent customer service through sales calls at field with purpose to sell and follow-up.

Perform with purchase department and buyers on customized orders.

Develop and present reports on store project management every week to corporate and regional management.

Conduct seminars and workshops at store.

Provide top level solutions creative in design fulfilling customer’s requirement and budget.

Observe, analyze and interpret safety methods and practices to prevent hurt for self and co-workers.

Participate in regular safety meetings and recommend solutions to enhance safety procedures.

Provide kitchen and bath design at home and store.

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