International Operations Manager Responsibilities and Duties

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Design plans for multiple tasks including different policies for individual country and develop strategies accordingly.

Develop professional relationships with suppliers and procurers to meet all requirements of product and manage all SLAs.

Administer and all government setup procedures and manage new store opening and direct national staff for OM office to promote network relation.

Manage all financial aspects, store promotions all over country and globally.

Train faculty member to perform all tasks for sales and marketing activities.

Maintain hygiene system by negotiating with potential suppliers to promote order.

Monitor and ensure maintenance of minimum required standards of goods and perform inspections on same.

Manage all communications with suppliers and internal team members about financial forecasting.

Collaborate with franchise partners to develop an effective business support plan and assist brand team to achieve all objectives.

Perform survey on all operational process and analyze all product for growth of franchise business.

Monitor all functional activities with cooperation from team members and other partners.

Design strategies to manage office and other financial tasks by and provide appropriate recommendation for same.

Train human resources department for growth of office management system to keep record of work flow.

Analyze all contracts and maintain schedule for promotion of all product.

Participate in operational process regarding finance and take necessary actions.

Maintain an effective work field and discuss daily reports to keep data up to date.

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