Inventory Clerk Responsibilities and Duties

Collaborate with shipping department and ensure efficient flow of all shipments and manage inventory of all products on monthly and annual basis.

Identify and deliver various raw materials for production and perform quality checks according to company policies and procedures.

Maintain inventory control and evaluate all data for all pharmaceutical and non pharmaceutical inventory.

Perform regular quality checks on all vendor supplies and maintain record of all receipts.

Monitor and validate all inventories, perform cycle count of all products and perform monthly short dated checks.

Maintain accuracy of all counts and ensure authenticity of all information.

Maintain log of all records and update all requisitions to ensure efficient cost transfers.

Assist to maintain stock at appropriate location in warehouse and rotate stock to remove all old stock.

Prepare spreadsheet for all shipments and maintain appropriate documents for all warehouse equipments.

Prepare stock status reports and perform physical inventory counts and maintain count of all merchandise and prepare reports for all shortages.

Maintain inventory of all office records and sales orders and compare current inventory and evaluate all stock to ensure absence of all discrepancies.

Train all employees to efficiently manage all inventory tasks and perform all establish procedures.

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