Inventory Control Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Monitor inventory for organization and supervise efficient working of staff according to company policies and prepare accurate records for all physical inventory.

Manage all communication with all customer representatives and monitor all activities and perform troubleshoot on same, analyze results and recommend modifications and changes to inventory.

Analyze all forecast for inventory and develop various processes for inventory purchases and prepare reports for same to evaluate all plans and procedures.

Provide training to inventory and data team and monitor all special requests and assist to minimize cost in inventory for efficient write off.

Develop and maintain excellent working condition and facilitate effective team performance and ensure optimal levels of customer satisfaction and provide training on same.

Monitor all operational procedures and prepare strategic plans to ensure adherence to all departmental standards and objectives.

Assist to hire and train all new recruits in inventory management.

Coordinate with inventory team and identify all obsolete inventory and resolve all issues in various inventory management.

Perform tests on ERP systems and recommend improvements to procedure and prepare appropriate reports for all inventory requirements.

Evaluate working of development team and perform research on various merchandise activities and monitor all warehouse locations to ensure compliance to all deadlines.

Collaborate with loss prevention team and resolve all data integrity issues and monitor all merchandise and prepare reports on performance.

Provide training to all inventory staff and resolve all warehouse discrepancies.

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