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Order Management Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Perform troubleshoot on all sales orders and assist to identify and execute various enhancement to all management process.

Ensure compliance to all company and business policies and administer all open sales order and ensure appropriate order flow.

Manage all communication with all sales department order and process all customer orders and shipment of products and ensure optimal practices for all processes.

Prepare and update various sales orders through appropriate SRS ticket system and provide update on all CAS orders.

Monitor all vendor performance and evaluate all orders and provide all required approvals.

Verify all order line and prepare order reports on everyday basis and manage all shipment and respond to all inquiries for all status order and resolve all customer issues and prepare efficient schedule for projects.

Monitor and evaluate all order issues and resolve in discrepancies in production metrics and ensure accurate billing of all bookings.

Provide an interface with finance department and manage all contracting processes and manage all incoming purchase orders from various email locations.

Design finance package for all orders entered on Oracle and resolve all outstanding issues in coordination with management and evaluate all metrics to provide accurate weekly data.

Evaluate all weekly metrics and analyze all continuous improvement project and prepare reports for all requests.

Monitor and process all returns according to financial requirements and ensure compliance to all SOX reporting requirements.

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