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Order Processor Reponsibilities and Duties

Evaluate all orders and ensure accuracy of all forms and inform management for all incomplete orders and verify all client information to deliver all products.

Determine all product requirements and prepare required paperwork, manage inventory and identify correct product and pack it for shipment.

Prepare all manifests and apply appropriate label to all boxes and ensure efficient transfer of all completed orders.

Evaluate all complete orders to maintain accurate and prepare documents for all inventory levels and place replenishment requests as required.

Inspect all stock items and discard all defective products and report any damages to supervisors and stock shelves for all products.

Monitor and receive all stock and maintain record of al inventory and enter all client information appropriately in computers.

Administer all correspondence with customers and checks for all order processes and maintain track of all shipping supplies.

Maintain warehouse and ensure cleanliness of same at all times, evaluate all orders to ensure to be error free and update data accordingly.

Manage all communication with team members and ensure compliance to timeframe and quality.

Greet all customers on telephone and update knowledge on all orders and ensure compliance to all operating procedures.

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