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Order Puller Reponsibilities and Duties

Administer all order from shipping desk and perform regular quality checks on all orders and maintain record of all non stock items and evaluate all picking orders.

Inspect all products and identify all dents and blemishes on all orders and monitor all customer deliverables and load products on trucks.

Assist to load and unload all products from vehicles into pallets.

Monitor and operate all loading vehicles and maintain optimal level of safety on all power equipments.

Arrange all pallets to ensure safe delivery of products to customers and inspect all pallets for accurate stickers and addresses.

Monitor and complete all orders and fill all spaces on bill of lading and return bill of lading.

Facilitate strategies to complete all deliveries accurately and efficiently.

Provide optimal level of customer services and assist driver to locate all addresses.

Analyze and resolve all customer issues effectively and ensure exceptional services at all times.

Coordinate with associates and ensure completion of all tasks as per budget objectives.

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