Deputy Sheriff Responsibilities and Duties

Enforce laws and provide protection to citizens at patrols streets, highways, public and private areas.

Investigate suspicious circumstances and eliminate occurrence of crimes.

Respond to calls from public to investigate crimes, disputes, motor vehicle accidents and disturbances.

Provides first aid, other assistance and referrals for accident victims.

Provide help and assistance to public in need.

Schedule and conduct court ordered evictions.

Execute service for civil process, warrants, restraining orders and subpoenas if necessary.

Perform background checks for civilian weapon permit applications.

Perform court security as Sheriff as assigned.

Supervise and monitor inmates’ daily activities and general work assignments.

Manage inmate behavior and utilize appropriate force as needed.

Supervise inmates assigned to Inmate Work Programs.

Control each post worked during shift to include documentation and safety inspections.

Control inmate population and account for all inmates on and off self-held post.

Interview inmates potentially might be involved in criminal activity.

Respond to security check issues and courthouse incidents.

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