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Patrol Officer Responsibilities and Duties

Provide traffic control based on local and state regulations.

Identify parking and traffic violations and issue tickets.

Patrol assigned streets for any suspicious and criminal activities.

Investigate incidents, collect evidences, interview witnesses and suspects and issues arrest warrants.

Prepare required documentations for court cases and serve as witness when needed.

Arrest criminals and take them to jail.

Attend dispute calls, address emergency situations and contact local police stations when needed.

Ensure that vehicles and pedestrians follow traffic rules and regulations.

Control traffic and crowd during public events.

Conduct investigation at accident scenes and call for medical and police help.

Identify the reasons for accidents and develop action plans to avoid such accidents in future.

Report public safety hazards and ensure corrective actions are taken.

Support police operations when required.

Train and assist Junior Patrol Officers.

Maintain patrol vehicles in good and safe conditions.

Perform crime prevention surveys in assigned areas and to ensure safety of public.

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