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Logistic Project Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Define, launch and drive mission-crucial strategic as well as operational initiatives in core non-technical projects.

Develop method of change management inclusive of ownership of documentation library, process training and communication plans etc.

Support budget, personnel and varied resources necessary to attain goals and objectives of program group.

Interview, select and train staff to present quality results for organization as required.

Identify, evaluate and define project needs and scope.

Supervise and control project milestones, tasks, scope, timelines, expenses and risks impacting projects.

Prepare comprehensive project plans to assure deliverables are attained within budget, timeline and varied project objectives as defined by Project Directive.

Develop project plan on basis of business requirements, arrangement of project team, project metrics design, KPI’s and reporting.

Guide on technical aspect and direct project to cross functional teams.

Estimate logistics related resources and time and establish priorities within project team.

Involve in resource allocation and coordination with different project team managers and leaders.

Oversee and control logistic project progress.

Establish goals and objectives and provide instructions to respective team members.

Head and stimulate projects and develop communication plan working with team members, stakeholders and project sponsors.

Manage risk and develop risk mitigation plan as well as strategy.

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