Refinery Operator Responsibilities and Duties

Operate processing equipment and log equipment checks to follow standard operating procedures and optimizing plant efficiencies.

Regulate valves, compressors, pumps and auxiliary equipment to direct product flow.

Support smooth crush plant running by coordinating with plant management.

Analyze specifications and control petroleum refining and processing units operations to produce lubricating oils and fuel through distillation, absorption, extraction, catalytic cracking, isomerization, coking and alkylation.

Test liquids and gases for chemical characteristics and color.

Inspect and adjust damper controls, heaters and furnaces.

Visit unit to verify efficient operating conditions.

Read temperature in pressure gauges and flowmeters, record readings and compile in records.

Inspect equipment to determine nature and location of malfunction like faulty valves, breakages and leaks.

Clean processing units’ interior by circulating solvent and chemicals.

Determine malfunctioning units through meters and gauges or lights and horn sounds.

Set knobs, switches, levers, valves and index arms to control process variables like vacuum, time, catalyst, temperature and flows.

Read processing schedules, operate logs, test oil sample results and identify equipment controls changes to produce specified product quantity and quality.

Comply with best practices, standard operating procedures and develop and maintain continuous improvement efforts.

Control processing units’ activities.

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