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Direct Marketing Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Administer all phases of direct marketing campaign though various emails and recommend improvement strategies if required and analyze all external data to identify new markets.

Analyze all pre campaigns and design all parameter for various campaigns to ensure interest to target audience and prepare all required performance reports for same and maintain efficient contacts with all media personnel.

Manage all communication strategies and recommend improvements to various direct marketing activities to ensure effectiveness of programs and provide an efficient interface with all internal marketing clients and organize all evaluation for direct marketing campaigns.

Coordinate with modeling team to provide enhancement to various campaigns and analyze all direct marketing programs and provide support to all new product development and manage all communication with internal clients and design all project results.

Collaborate with vendors and service bureaus to provide enhancements to all database and maintain knowledge on all customer translation requests and provide response to all requests and assist to represent market.

Evaluate all data and maintain integrity and validity in same and prepare summaries to be submitted to management and ensure optimal level of customer satisfaction and prepare accurate reports for same.

Develop all direct marketing campaigns and design all tests for all direct mail programs and recommend optimal design and facilitate to reduce cost.

Analyze all responses and recommend various strategies to facilitate profits in direct mail activities and maintain budget for all projects and assist all data transfer and data processes.

Monitor all business requirements and prepare all reports on monthly and weekly basis and prepare all sales data and assist senior management to draft appropriate strategies and analyze all significant models.

Collaborate with external vendors to prepare list of all rentals and purchases and maintain high quality of data at all time and execute all email marketing campaigns.

Assist to develop all creative formats to facilitate in response rates from customers and recommend new campaigns for various brands.

Supervise efficient roll out of all campaigns and assist to upload all content and coordinate with all email marketing vendors to prepare efficient communication schedule.

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