Global Marketing Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Develop strategic marketing plans including pricing and promotional planning and plan and maintain budget for all transformer products and coordinate with product specialists to evaluate all commercial specifications and ensure compliance to same.

Coordinate with global managers and prepare strategies to achieve growth in markets, assist customer to evaluate product scope and processes and ensure best practices for all product lines and associate tools and processes.

Analyze all business improvement plans and recommend changes if required, monitor all application and product trends and develop appropriate product innovation and provide optimal training to staff on all marketing tools for special projects.

Administer life cycle of all global marketing initiatives and prepare effective strategies to position all processes according to business unit requirement and ensure optimal support to all global strategies.

Prepare strategies for all third party resale and participate in acquisition of all ingredients on global front and evaluate brand performance and develop expansion plans accordingly in coordination with channel and country managers.

Develop and maintain relationships with all marketing teams and develop effective strategies for individual countries and maintain knowledge on all customer markets and prepare innovative plans for all businesses.

Collaborate with global communication and advertising department to design various communication strategies, prepare reports and manage all communication with chief marketing officer and senior management and resolve all issues in global marketing sphere.

Monitor user experience and improve packaging in global markets to enhance same, develop strategies to analyze future requirements for new products and assist to prepare appropriate market strategies to get efficient return on investments.

Collaborate with and research and development team and develop cost control strategies across all product lines and manage all communications for product benefits and resolve all issues and complaints of customers.

Administer everyday activities of product line, perform analysis on same and prepare product strategies and promotional plans to provide support to marketing team.

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