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Industry Marketing Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Design and implement all marketing strategies and manage all communication plans for all markets and ensure achievement of all business objectives for revenue markets.

Prepare and ensure compliance to all business development objectives for all assign markets and determine efficient development team and prepare required strategies to facilitate business plans.

Collaborate with technology and marketing team and manage all internal resources to ensure adherence to all customer requirements and prepare all development product programs.

Develop all product development programs and implement same for markets and prepare all sales plans for development programs for customers and suppliers.

Design all level marketing programs for industries and coordinate for all generation activities.

Provide support to all launches of new products and releases for both internal and external markets and maintain knowledge of all competitor activities and ensure adherence to customer requirements.

Administer all marketing collaterals and coordinate with sales departments to facilitate customer pipeline.

Provide support to all industry personnel and participate in all product marketing activities and monitor all product release deliverables and participate in various industry events and trade shows.

Collaborate with product owners and sales team and ensure compliance to all client requirements and manage all communication for industry in term of press releases and target media outreach.

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