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International Marketing Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Assist with various departments and develop marketing collateral with physicians in laboratory.

Coordinate with vendors to secure materials and offer timely and cost effective services.

Collaborate with domestic marketing team and perform all general marketing tasks and develop marketing tactics and implement it effectively.

Cooperate in the creation of education and training programs for sales teams and distributors.

Assist in translation, labeling and regulatory activities, coordinate in exhibitions and tradeshows.

Manage and track all communication for new clinical data and monitor product purchase forecasts.

Evaluate all discrepancies on sub growth and make recommendations on due diligence on potential new channels.

Review performance results against desired goals, prepare accurate reports for management and make recommendations for improvement.

Perform market research to forecast marketing trends and identify opportunities and manage records for future reference.

Develop and authorize external and internal reporting and general correspondence.

Plan and coordinate with departments for product launch and develop marketing activities.

Participate in trade shows to identify potential programmers and maintain relation with existing programmers.

Assist in developing international marketing strategy and activities.

Design various international marketing efforts of the company, marketing plans and associated budget.

Coordinate with international distributors on marketing activities.

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