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Outreach Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Administer all community based education and outreach programs and develop professional relationships with all facility members.

Monitor and analyze various subscription service requests and provide education for all outreach activities to resolve all issues and develop cost management strategies.

Supervise all activities of facility in coordination with director of operations and ensure compliance to all fiscal programs and prepare funds for all outreach projects.

Maintain and ensure accuracy in all database and files and update same as per requirement and coordinate for various meetings and activities.

Prepare outreach presentations and provide training to all activities for various events and provide an interface between all outreach volunteers and staff.

Administer all outreach inquiries and complaints in an efficient manner and maintain confidentiality of all information and prepare appropriate phone scripts for same.

Maintain donor database and generate appropriate lists and reports for same and manage all fundraising events.

Hire and train all outreach staff to monitor various fundraisers and resolve all staff conflicts.

Collaborate with executive director to prepare monthly revenue projections and prepare all fundraising scripts and reminder letters.

Prepare various timesheets and evaluate it to ensure accuracy in all programs.

Maintain list of phone calls for organization and execute an efficient fulfillment system.

Develop e-communication strategies and raise appropriate funds.

Assist and coordinate with various departments to develop organization website.

Administer and update all webpage and documents and monitor all website traffic.

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