Pricing Coordinator Responsibilities and Duties

Prepare reports for determined business processes and improve initiatives using Microsoft Office every week and on monthly basis.

Identify pricing trends and evaluate main issues and take necessary action on determined opportunities.

Assist efforts of pricing as well as marketing managers to provide, develop, report measuring VWR’s profitability along with market trends.

Ensure all reporting procedures are suitably documented.

Support QC of pricing data and ensure to take action on determined opportunities.

Recommend changes in pricing as profitable.

Conduct and execute special projects as required.

Identify and develop new tools to optimize margin within contracts.

Evaluate, recommend, coordinate and execute product.

Update pricing information clearly in excel spreadsheets.

Resolve time cost discrepancies on supplier invoices.

Assist preparation of weekly plans and validate data integrity.

Provide administrative assistance through running routine as well as ad hoc reports.

Develop systems and procedures to deliver apt retail pricing and ensure program gross margin goals are attained.

Analyze and perform to steadily enhance pricing models for improved accuracy plus program profitability.

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