Pricing Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Ensure integrity and accuracy cost as well as related financial information.

Prepare clearly BAFO (Best and Final Offer).

Conduct oral presentation as well as cost revisions.

Prepare cost support packages complying with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR).

Assist fact findings with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) customer auditors and Government.

Assist pricing negotiations of customers’ proposals.

Maintain and update regularly pricing history database.

Lead and direct pricing strategy formulation as well as ensure to take pricing actions to enhance profitability.

Stimulate market-based segmentation to collaborate Product Managers as well as Sales Organization.

Perform financial evaluation to assess pricing actions effectiveness.

Define new business procedures, evaluate resource requirements and stimulate implementation or maintenance of pricing system.

Manage total pricing procedure, enhance processes to make most of efficiencies and ensure timely response to market conditions.

Manage and supervise pricing analysts to support activities inclusive of new price generation and discrepancy resolution etc.

Perform partnering with, purchasing buyers, product managers and sales organization to assure integrated plus profit maximizing approach to market.

Analyze financial impact of price approach in view of overall history as well as profitability of customer.

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