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News Editor Responsibilities and Duties

Analyze and capitalize various attributes and requirements of print and digital media to strengthen editor’s position.

Manage and produce news to present information with accuracy, flow, and within time frame.

Design innovative and unique solutions to optimize routine news coverage.

Monitor and use multimedia, nonlinear and alternative storytelling strategies to widen readership base.

Manage and edit contents to cater to readers’ requirement and provide detailed information for same.

Work within creative environment to respond to various competing priorities.

Prepare work schedule and deadlines and encourage team members to meet targets to facilitate timely publication.

Design and implement coverage strategies to facilitate wide coverage of all sorts of issues and news.

Provide training to news reporters on how to select news for existing readership and gain new readers.

Coordinate with colleagues in he newsroom and other departments to define priorities for same.

Coordinate with internal and external customer service to obtain optimum workflow.

Evaluate all new for authenticity and check with sources to ensure correctness of published article to avoid conflicts.

Collaborate with reporters, editors and photojournalists and anchors to facilitate efficient news coverage to strengthen company’s position in media market.

Administer technology backup such as computer graphics, stingers, maps, editor’s software to make news presentation attractive for readers.

Manage and edit daily news, special news stories and periodical items with help of video editing tools to facilitate video telecast.

Monitor all feeds from news bureaus and other agencies for editing and further publication.

Provide assignments to freelance photographers and prepare reports for current news trends new readers and sustain existing readers.

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