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Newspaper Reporter Responsibilities and Duties

Analyze and collect information through various modes such as personal interviews and news briefings to prepare news reports.

Monitor daily events locally, nationally and internationally and assist others to gather current events.

Prepare reports to keep the public informed about daily happenings.

Coordinate with news editor and fellow reporters to develop story ideas for report writing.

Maintain relations with all news sources on daily basis to develop story ideas and compile appropriate reports.

Perform research and write international, local and national news.

Analyze and ensure accurate and crisp news reporting to avoid ambiguity and redundancy.

Collaborate with news editor to improve story presentation.

Work in assigned beat areas once every week to gather all local news.

Coordinate with graphics department to obtain visual elements for each story with appropriate photos or graphics.

Manage staff photographers for all reports of local events.

Develop breakout boxed for each story to emphasis lead points.

Administer all news writing to meet deadlines.

Attend weekly desk meetings and staff meetings to keep abreast of company policies and requirements.

Maintain knowledge on latest events and news to obtain news coverage of important and pertinent issues.

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