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Clinical Nutrition Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Evaluate and update various department protocols required for all nutrition programs and review all standards and provide recommendation to various feeding formulas.

Gather all information from patients through regular communication and design various patient centric plans and determine all energy and nutrient requirements for individual.

Evaluate all food interactions and coordinate with all food service personnel to provide optimal patient care and analyze all health data and resolve all health related issues.

Design all nutrition care programs and determine all plans and forecast all clinical outcomes.

Provide efficient education to patients and family members on all diet to meet specific requirements for patients.

Manage all communication with all health professions as per requirement and maintain documents of all health assessments records and ensure compliance with all department standards.

Analyze and ensure effective incorporation of all nutrition modifications into diet plan for student and participate in all activities associate with patients and provide efficient education to all health care professionals for various nutritional programs.

Assist all health care providers with all nutrition care programs and participate in all hospital activities.

Collaborate with diet interns and evaluate performance for all programs and recommend improvements to nutrition care program if required.

Maintain portfolio for all patients and provide continuing education activities to same and design all tube feeding and supplement programs and provide support to all hospital objectives.

Provide expert knowledge on all medical nutrition programs and assist to resolve issues and provide feedback for same.

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